Capture the Moment for Masterpiece

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that gets everything you need to create stunning videos. Start your creative journey now!

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Trending templates

Just write your text that you wish to convert to speech in the box and choose from a wide range of languages, including English, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, German, Arabic and French.

Easy transitions

No need for complicated editing. Choose any transition you like to help move your story along.

Auto captions and lyrics

Just import an audio or a song, and you can get accurate captions and lyrics automatically.

Effects and filters

Use advanced effects and filters to create cinematic and fantastic videos.

Professional cutout

Professional cutout helps you get the exact part you want easily and quickly.

In & Out animation

Try our in & out animations to make your videos full of surprises.

AI generated effects

Have fun creating amazing videos with viral effects generated by AI.