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Smart tools. High efficiency.

Smart tools to make your video creation easier

Speech to text

Automatically recognize different languages and generate high-accuracy captions to boost your editing efficiency.

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Text to speech

Convert any text to natural-sounding speech with one click. 11 voices and 10 languages supported.

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Background removal

Accurately remove the background of the portrait video and replace it with uploaded image or change the background color.

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Resize video

Change the aspect ratio of your video and add color, images, or blur effects to your background to meet needs of various platforms. Auto reframe will be available soon!

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Create together. Work better.

Collaborate with your team. Share ideas, assets, and give feedback instantly and securely.

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One video editor for all.

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Whatever your needs are, CapCut is the app for you.

A simple video editing tool to use wherever you like. You can create videos on your browser, your desktop and laptop, or on your phone